Here's the latest from the roost!

Please welcome our newest Rooster Tommy, KB3UFB 1390 on 09/02/2015.

Not his typical vertical climb

Garry, W3CUB via email - 10/06/2015

W3CUB trimming limbs from tree he attaches his antenna to

For those that do not know Garry W3CUB is a licensed pilot, but depicted here is not his typical vertical climb. Rather we see him trimming the tree which supports his dipole antenna. He commented that they later raised the end of his antenna higher above the Susquehanna River seen at the bottom of the frame. Thank goodness OSHA was not around or I believe they would have shut the site down.;-)

Recent Silent Keys

Bob, KD2UJ via email - 10/03/2015

Just received an email from Joan Camp neice of Norm Scudellari, VE3UHH, Rooster #829 who became a Silent Key on July 4th. The same message told us that Beryl Scudellari, VE3UHG, Rooster #831, had passed away previously. Norm crowed on 10/5/1992 and Beryl on 10/12/1992.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them in their time of mourning.

K3GBA Certificate Presentation

Greg, WA3GM via email - 10/01/2015

WA3GM presenting K3GBA with his rooster certificate with KB3IV and WA3QED picture

Seen here receiving his Rooster Certificate is Sam K3GBA (center left) and presented by Greg WA3GM (center right) today at a luncheon, with Ed KB3IV (far left) and Jim WA3QED (far right). Congratulations again Sam!

Though a fairly new rooster, he's one of our youngin's at 94.

2015 Rooster Vermont Flocking

Greg, WA3GM via email - 09/19/2015


2015 Vermont Flocking picture

As you can see, they had a pretty good turn out for the first Vermont Rooster Flocking. Left to right (front row) Carl NQ3U, Woody K3YV, Chris W2NQB, Mike WB3EQW, Greg WA3GM, Jim N0VVV, Sam Gowan W1IBR, CO of Green Mountain Wireless Association, Terryl KA3LNK, (back row) Jack. W3RU, Brendan W3VD, Lou K9LZ, Fred KA3IRJ, Pat W2DHB, Terry KB3SOM, Jim WA3QED, Jim AF3R.

2015 Vermont Flocking picture

Here in the shack of N0VVV we have some of the Roosters of the 2015 Vermont Rooster Flocking. From Left to right sort of, Brendan W3VD, Greg WA3GM, Mike WB3EQW, Jim N0VVV, Chris W2NQB (front), Fred KA3IRJ (rear), Woody K3YV, Jack W3RU, and the shack guard dogs Toaster and George.

They Hope to see some of us next year.

Roosters fear no evil

Willie, WJ3G - 09/10/2015

I stumbled across this little gem online and thought you all would enjoy it!

fear no evil rooster picture

2015 Rooster Picnic Pictures

Dick, K3ITH via email - 07/2015


2015 picnic group picture 2015 Rooster of the year picture

If your not in the above photos, maybe next year. The weather could not have been better, the facilities were fantastic, and the camaraderie outstanding. We hope to see many new faces next year.

Editors note:

I want to apologize for the delay in this posting. In an attempt to embed the following videos of The 2015 Rooster Chorus, and the introduction of the Net Control Stations, I delayed the posting in order to make the videos playable right in your browser. As it turns out we now have a solution as seen below. If you would like to help trouble shoot let me know, as I haven't even tried to see how they play on tabs and smart phones.

2015 Rooster Chorus

Introduction of Net Controls

If you have any trouble please let me know either via email, or better yet "ON THE AIR"!

Thank you and enjoy.

Summer Monthly Lunches

Dick, K3ITH via email - Summer 2015

EPA First Friday lunch picture EPA First Friday lunch picture EPA First Friday lunch picture

Here are the summer submissions from our eastern Roosters. It is always a pleasure to see the change of faces as well as the usual suspects around the tables. We'll let you decide, are they lolly gagging or just having a good time? In the east they have been meeting at Brother Paul's Restaurant in Eagleville, in the central area they meet at Hoss's Family Steak & Seafood in State College, and in the west at the Iron Bridge Inn, south of Mercer, PA. We highly recommend that if you plan to attend, you should check in to the net to confirm the date, time, and location, or case of inclement weather.

PA Child Abuse History Clearance

Fred, KA3IRJ on the net - 08/01/2015

This morning Fred KA3IRJ remarked that he had just completed his PA Child Abuse History Clearance. His reason being that in order to protect him self and their local club when doing VE tests, in case a minor applicant would attend a testing session without a parent or guardian, that they would be protected under new laws.

This is the link for the PA Department of Human Services clearance certificate site. You have to create a user account first, and then fill out the online form which you can pause and save at any point.

You must list every residence since 1975 so it is good to have this information, and every person whom you lived with since 1975. And just a personal hint, you may want to make sure your significant other is out of the room when you're filling this out. ;-)