Here's the latest from the roost!

Please welcome our newest Rooster Lamonte, KC3CIV 1384 on 05/19/2015.

Roosters at 2015 Dayton Hamvention

Greg WA3GM and Dick K3ITH via email - 05/16/2015

2015 Dayton Group picture

If you are not in this picture, then you are not a Rooster attending the 2015 Dayton Hamvention. Shown above are (from left to right and front to back) Carter N3AO, Gary KC3BRQ, Mike WB3EQW, Woody K3YV, Greg WA3GM, Fred KA3IRJ, Xyl Penny, Roy KC3BYC, Xyl Deb, Barbara KB3FXG, Al AA3AE.

2015 Dayton WA3GM and N3KN picture

Our roving Rooster Greg WA3GM, not wanting to miss a photo op got this picture with Kaye Craigie N3KN American Radio Relay League President, and wife of our Carter Craigie N3AO Rooster 529. As he and Woody K3YV were viewing the booths another opportunity was found with Gordon West WB6NOA.

2015 Dayton WA3GM WB6NOA and K3YV picture

Monthly Lunches

Various via email - March 2015

EPA First Friday lunch picture

Pictured above are (from left to right) Dick K3ITH, Paul N3CYO, Jane, Ron K3BKT, Jim K3JJC, Janet, Ron K3RON, Sal NC3U, Jay W3JAH, Greg WA3GM, Steve WU3I, Bill W3FRB, Jim K3CHJ, Mike WB3EQW, Hal K3ATO, Asa AB3O. Not pictured, Lamont KC3CIV who arrived after the group photo was taken. Our favorite waitress and her new baby were also visiting.

WPA Saturday lunch picture

Here are the monthly submissions from the lunch bunches. Reports are that there is a lot of QRM around these tables. We'll let you decide, are they lolly gagging or just having a good time? In the east they have been meeting at Brother Paul's Restaurant in Eagleville, in the central area they meet at Hoss's Family Steak & Seafood in State College, and in the west at the Iron Bridge Inn, south of Mercer, PA. We highly recommend that if you plan to attend, you checkin to the net to confirm the date, time, and location, in case of inclement weather.